Mukesh Chaudhary, Co-Founder & COO

Mukesh Choudhary owes his real estate acumen an

d expertise to his family business of construction with a successful history of over 36 years. He has been instrumental in developing unique residential, commercial and industrial properties  spanning to over 5 million sq. ft.. He always yearns to infuse unique concepts and designs along with state-of-the-art construction ideas and approaches to real estate development.

Mukesh, as a co-promoter of Birbal Singh Construction (BSM), scaled his father’s business to new heights. With fresh ideas & a lot of passion, he structured the way his family business was operated by bringing in technology to smoothen the processes & improve overall efficiency. In very few years, Mukesh successfully managed to double the gross revenue at BSM. He strives to broaden the horizons of organizations and successfully conquers milestones that he sets. He is also known to set exceptional construction standards through ethical business practices and transparency. He is a master in bringing documented blueprint ideas & concepts into a flawless stark reality.

He follows sound and proven business practices that enable any organization he is associated with to achieve growth. Today, Shubharambh is positioned for long-term profitability due to Mukesh’s unrelenting work, thought leadership, and practical knowledge of the Indian realty sector.

Mukesh is also an astute professional, who can discern opportunities before they become visible. This has helped Shubharambh Infra Ventures bag several lucrative projects. As a specialist in operations management, Mukesh oversees the formulation of business strategies, converting blueprint into reality, managing projects from conception to completion and supervising teams across India.

Under his able leadership, Shubharambh Infra Ventures is growing from strength to strength, without compromising on excellence and values, and has won accolades for its innovative concepts and construction practices.